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The path to meeting your company’s ESG goals can be a difficult one and it isn’t always clear what steps must be taken to achieve your sustainability and ESG targets. Companies are faced with a lot of questions and the answers are not always easy to come by. Sustainalytics’ ESG Performance Analytics helps you gain clear insights on your ESG performance and answers your ESG related questions by identifying gaps your company has versus your peers in your industry.

Our ESG Performance Analytics is the most thorough analysis of a company’s ESG Risk Rating performance in the market. Combining project-based inquiry, a gap analysis of industry specific material ESG issues, and a comprehensive review of the practices of industry peers allows you to understand what ESG factors have significant impacts on your ESG Risk Rating score and provides assessments on what your industry peers are doing to perform better.

Why Benchmarking is Important?

By examining the programs, policies, and processes adopted by industry peers and competitors, businesses can better understand what gaps they have in their ESG Risk Rating. Equipped with the right insights, companies can allocate resources and personnel to address their ESG concerns, curb non-compliance issues, and enhance their ESG management programs.

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Product Insights

Key Benefits and Features


Competitive Advantage

Learn what your competitors are doing to manage their ESG risks and obtain action items you can implement to mirror their strategy.


Understanding ESG

Receive a report that provides granular data on your company’s ESG performance compared to industry peers and industry leading practices.


Knowledge Transfer

Work alongside our team of specialists to get a keen understanding of the report and how it can best be interpreted.


Prepare for the Future

Identify how industry peers are handling impending ESG legislation and use this knowledge to set your plan in motion.

Report Insights

Summary of results, including the company's ranking in the industry, its scores, management gaps, high level industry comparison and the strongest ESG management performance items.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing company rating

Thorough industry analysis including emerging regulatory risks and trends, leading practices, and company positioning. Here you can also see the ranking of the company, compared to five competitors chosen for the development of this report.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing company risk

Side by side analysis of company's strengths and weaknesses compared to industry peers.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing company analysis

In-depth assessment of Material ESG Issues including Indicator Gap Analysis with industry peers.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing material ESG issues

Leading practice examples from companies that are already achieving great market results in the chosen ESG issues.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing material ESG issues

An overview of the company's controversies in specific ESG issues, showing current practice and insights and trends for improvement.

ESG Risk ratings report showcasing material ESG issues
ESG Risk ratings report showcasing company rating

Why Sustainalytics?


A Single Market Standard

Consistent approach to ESG assessments across the investment spectrum.


Award-Winning Research and Data

Firm recognized as Best ESG Research and Data Provider by Environmental Finance and Investment Week.


End-to-End ESG Solutions

ESG products and services that serve the entire investment value chain.


30 Years of ESG Expertise

500+ ESG research analysts across our global offices.


A Leading SPO Provider

As recognized by Environmental Finance and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

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