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Build a more sustainable supply chain


Companies with large, globally diversified supplier portfolios and business relationships need access to fast and reliable ESG data. Sustainalytics' Corporate Supply Chain ESG Solutions helps procurement and sustainability professionals assess the overall sustainability of the organizations they work with, from customers to suppliers to partners.

Cover More of Your Supply Chain

The Sustainalytics ESG Assessment Platform helps you gain insight into the material ESG risk in your supply chain and identify suppliers who prioritize sustainability. With on-demand and predicted ESG Risk Ratings and flexible plans, buyers can rate more suppliers.

Visualize your supply chain, including direct and indirect suppliers, and compare their ESG Risk Ratings all in one place. Comparable company scores will help you evaluate organizations across industries, sectors, and regions.

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Customize your Approach

Tailor the level of ESG Risk Rating detail for each of your suppliers: choose from multiple levels of ratings that let you cover more of your supply chain.


Increase Supply Chain Visibility

See ESG data for tier 1 and lower-tier suppliers. Our ESG Risk Rating rates organizations of all sizes and public & private companies, including companies who don’t disclose public information.


No Surveys

Getting accurate survey data from your suppliers can be a long and challenging process. Eliminate supplier fatigue: Sustainalytics rates public and private companies without surveys.


Add Suppliers On-demand

Sustainalytics rates over 13,000 companies across 42 industries. New companies can be added on-demand, to help you fully understand your entire supply chain.


Identify ESG Risks 

Evaluate important sustainability issues in your supply chain including corporate governance, environmental regulations, and labor conditions.


Track your Suppliers

Track the performance of your suppliers to specific metrics, and receive an alert when their rating changes. 


See Top Rated Suppliers

View Top-Rated ESG Badges, to see companies who excel at managing their ESG Risk Ratings.


Onboarding Support

Sustainalytics will manage your data uploading and validation, helping you get up and running faster with accurate information.


Fast, Accurate Ratings

Sustainalytics uses predictive ratings to deliver an instant indicator of a company’s sustainability risk, combining our renowned ESG research with a machine learning algorithm. 

Choose the level of ESG Risk Rating displayed

Customize the amount of ESG Risk Rating detail you see for each organization in your supply chain, based on how important they are to your business. Cover a broader section of your supply chain with multiple classes of ratings.


CLASS II Essential Assessment Gain a significant understanding of an organizations ESG risk and impact. Useful for suppliers with some potential ESG risk and suppliers with mid-range spend. CLASS I Complete Assessment The most comprehensive picture of a companys material ESG risk. For suppliers with the greatest potential ESG risk and/or highest spend. Get an overview of your entire supply chain, to identify outliers and assess your overall supply chain risk. For companies that Sustainalytics hasn’t rated yet, we’ll assign a predicted rating to quickly evaluate their ESG risk. CLASS III Starter Assessment 1 2 3

Why Sustainalytics?


A Single Market Standard

Consistent approach to ESG assessments across the investment spectrum.


Award-Winning Research and Data

Firm recognized as Best ESG Research and Data Provider by Environmental Finance and Investment Week.


End-to-End ESG Solutions

ESG products and services that serve the entire investment value chain.


30 Years of ESG Expertise

500+ ESG research analysts across our global offices.


A Leading SPO Provider

As recognized by Environmental Finance and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

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